How can a wood measuring app help your business?  


Rising commodity prices have also hit the wood market in such a way that players using this  resource in their businesses say they are facing major problems. The price of wood has risen  enormously since the pandemic broke out. 

In terms of wood prices, 2021 was a volatile year. After steadily rising until the end of 2020 and  the beginning of 2021, timber prices have skyrocketed to an all-time high in the spring of last  year. These increases were due to high demand and growing supply chain problems. The relief came in the summer, as the cost of wood gradually began to return to historical  average levels. But then timber prices began to rise again. 

Timber prices rose by more than 60 percent from early September to mid-October last year.  One cause, some entrepreneurs say, is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused foreign  companies to raise prices, most likely to cover their lockdown losses. 

The upward trend in raw material costs, which will continue, according to experts, is a major  challenge for companies that use wood as a raw material. 

Fortunately, digitalization has changed the face of our society, including the forest industry.  More and more companies are joining the global digitalization trend, including those working  with wood, and an application that measures wood can help them save money so that they  can grow further. 

At the moment, one of the best applications of this type is Wood Watcher, which is extremely  useful when it comes to measuring, inventorying and tracking wood. 

Wood Watcher, an application made by Digital Dryads, offers you a quick and easy roundwood  measurement solution that helps companies reduce time, costs, and risks. It can help your  business grow, and you can save time as well as other resources.  


    When you need to measure a large amount of wood, this process, when done manually, takes  a long time. Thanks to the fact that Wood Watcher performs this operation automatically and  digitally, your organization saves a lot of time. The measurement of wood through the  application is 100 times faster than the classic method, thus helping you to streamline your own  time or that of your employees. 

    It is also a useful tool in terms of cost reduction, as it automates the repetitive work of  employees.

    Using AI technology, it makes calculations so that your business figures are accurate and  transparent, thus avoiding human error. Also, the inventory is done in real time. Having clear statistics regarding the amount of wood used and the amount your company  needs, the logistical part of the operations is being naturally optimized. 

    How does Wood Watcher work?  

    Take a photo of a wood pile or timber transport with your smartphone or tablet. Receive an  instant report with: the number of logs, the precise volume, the individual diameters, the pile  density, the pile height, the unique digital fingerprint QR code. Add transport ID, transport  source and destination, tree species, and GPS coordinates. Upload and store data in the cloud,  synchronize it across all devices, and make it accessible to the whole company. Generate and  use reports in commercial relations. Your forestry management system is in professional  engineers’ hands.  


    About Digital Dryads  

    Digital Dryads have a dedicated super-strong technology-at-core team with eight years of  experience in DevOps, Computer Vision, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.  It is a team that delivers quality services. We have completed complex state-of-the-art software  projects with the Auto Industry (Volkswagen), the Banking Industry (BRD Bank, Societe  Generale), and the Telecom Industry.

    In conclusion

    Use Wood Watcher to get automation, digitalization, precision, confidence, transparency, traceability and objectivity when measuring wood!

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